Born to Fly Podcast

The Born to Fly podcast is a podcast that combines faith and business. We focus on inspiring as many people as possible to discover your God-given purpose and end up doing what you love. The faith-based entrepreneurs on this show have found that purpose and started a business. They happily share how they have made it work while trusting and aligning what they do with God. The tips and tricks they share will help to launch your business and inspire how to make it work.
How do you promote your business? What is good marketing? What is a good brand and how do you build it? What are the best sales techniques? How do you become a person of influence? What leadership skills are needed to run your own business? These questions, and many more, will be answered to help you grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

This podcast is especially interesting for early-stage entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. But also people who are looking to find their purpose in life are very welcome. If you embrace personal growth and are passionate about Jesus, you want to check out this podcast.