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033-3 key principles for entrepreneurship, with Darnell Samuels

Episode Summary

Darnell and I talk about key principles of entrepreneurship. Darnell is a historian, independent journalist, podcaster, and blogger.

Episode Notes

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Darnell has understood what it means to be a son of the Creator. That’s why I thought it would be inspiring to talk to Darnell and see what he has to say about entrepreneurship. 

We ended up discussing a couple of key essentials and principles we think entrepreneurs need. I hope you take away what you need and apply it to your entrepreneurial endeavors. And I pray it will encourage and empower you.

Things in this episode:


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Blog High-End Theories

Photographer Mr. Koa

Book: Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter - Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson 

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Sean Adeyemi  from True Wealth Advisors

The episode with Jimmy Song

Proverbs 18:16 


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